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what do we mean by "decentralized faith?"

what actually is "decentralized finance?"

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After three decades of church leadership then the last three+ years learning and working full-time in crypto, blockchain tech, and DeFi, I'm constantly learning as I navigate both faith and finance. I'd love to encourage you as you do the same.

Here's my CARRD if you're interested in reading more about who I am, what I've done, and what I've written.

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Whether you're already on the journey or just starting out and trying to find your way, I'd love to help you as you navigate one or more of these five specific areas:

1. Bitcoin and alternate crypto
2. blockchain tech
3. leveraging decentralized finance
4. the decentralized church
5. context-defined disciple-making strategies

I offer customized strategic coaching and learning experiences for individuals as well as teams with companies, nonprofit organizations, churches, and other religious groups.

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